Wednesday, August 06, 2008

And then he woke up

After Justus' second feeding (about 6am), I laid him down by us, and just enjoyed snuggling him. He stared at his new environment for a while (no crying to wake up his sister, which was wonderful...though it probably wouldn't have woken her up anyway), and then he fell asleep for another hour or so :-)
We had a really great morning and spent the rest of the afternoon at the swim beach (pics on Aloria's blog) with the other parents and kids. I look forward to the next camping adventure, hopefully with Anne, Andy and Lydia!

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Carrie said...

Oh how I miss the days when Leland would go back to sleep in the morning, now if I hear that he is awake before day light has even arrived yet I know I am in for a rough morning. Thankfully it doen't happen offten... just this morning. I hink we need a darker curtian :). We have been painting the rooms and moved the boys into the other room and well it just seems to have disrupted their sleeping habits.