Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Camping: August 08

The August event for the Homebuilders group at chruch was camping...So I braved camping with my husband and two kids ...Justus just 6 1/2 weeks old! and it went splendidly!
We have lots of pics of the kids (just look on their blogs), but unfortunately forgot to take pics of each other, except for in the know, when we look our best! Woo hoo, anyone have a breath mint?

We managed to fit the pack and play in the back of the tent...which Aloria insisted on sleeping in (fine with me...less kicking and being squished), Aaron and I slept towards the front of the tent (could have used about 3 more inches of leg room), and Justus slept to the side in his carrier, enshrowded in mosquito netting.
Ivy, who Aaron and Aloria insisted come with us (I can't believe we managed to fit her in the backseat of the car), slept outside tied to a tree.

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