Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Yard sale

The canopy is down because it was after the sale, but their were two tables of "stuff" plus some, under it...
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jacquelyn said...

hey nice to hear the update.
that is soooo awesome that you sold your house already!!!!!!!! and that you made some money at your yard sale, even 400 bucks is a lot really.
i am also glad to hear that you are getting out of your funk, we are still praying for you!
love you guys, rest in Jesus!!

Deanna Buoniconti said...

Yeah, im not sure we were thinking of moving that quickly. Brent was thinking of going out there sometime soon to look for a job, but we hope to still move soon. =) Hopefully you guys will have time to come see us once you move down here.


Deanna Buoniconti said...

Sure. I will set aside all the 8s i have and then tell you what they are, if you want pics, i'll send them. Then when you come out i will give them to you? Hope everythings going well. D