Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It seems like this project has been going of for much longer then I'm sure it actually has, but we are making progress, and all in all I am very pleased with the results. Instead of being frustrated at how slow the sanding machine is taking off the glue layer over the wood, Aaron decided to buy a scraper and scrape it off himself. As seen from the photo above, it makes a huge difference... It's a lot of hard work!!! ...and I was very proud of him, especially when I tried to do some, myself, to help out, and it took me 2 hours to do what he did in five minutes.

Once done, we went over it again the three necessary times with the sander to finish up the job. Then while he was at school, I spent an afternoon filling in all of the necessary spots with wood filler, of which there were many.

...and as you can see from this bottom picture...for some odd reason!, not all of the "stainable" wood filler we'd been using decided to accept the stain. It was bizzarre and frustrating, but Aaron has touched it up some since this picture and it is betterish. The way we have chosen to look at it is that we have an antiqued floor...and antiques aren't perfect. So, meh! I still think I will like the end result, and we are both excited for this "little" project to be done. Another exciting factor, is that we found and bought the area rug we will be using for the living room, and I think we have found a remnant carpet piece to fit in the adjacent computer/entry (going to be play room) for an amazing price. I think we will be getting that today, and setting it aside to get installed when the living room is done and we can get the furnature back in. So yeah!!! Very exciting!
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