Thursday, April 10, 2008

"All done!"

Let me just say that putting Aloria's room back together was no easy task for me. I wanted to set it up with the crib for the baby as well as a separate bed for Aloria so I wouldn't have to worry about how everything would fit together later. That, and we are having some friends of Aaron's come and stay with us a night in August and they are bringing their two toddlers with them (1 and 3), so we will need the extra bed, along with our pack and play anyway. Also, the crib is very useful for storing all the baby stuff that I have but can't use yet...bouncers, clothes, blankets, and what nots.

I was very excited because we were able to get two new things for Aloria's room to help make it perfect!!! We got an amazing floor rug at Target which matches all of the colors we already had on the walls, and a toddler bed because we decided an average size twin bed was just too big for such a small room. Aloria loves her new bed, and even after sleeping in our room in the pack and play for over a week, had no problems adjusting to being in her own room again...aaand, didn't get up even once for anything. I felt certain she would want to be back in our room with us. "I am happy to be wrong." :-)
Once Justus actually moves in with Aloria, I will be replacing the bookcase in the corner with our rocker, but until then...having the books in her room is nice, especially since we read together every night before bed :-) Good times!

On the bookcase is a birthday bouquet from my parents. They had it delivered to our house...isn't that so awsome!!! 28, and I still get flowers from my parents! I felt so special :-)

The only way (after trying, what felt like, a million) I liked the room put together at all!!! was to put the crib in the closet. It fit perfectly! Sure, that means I can't use the bar for hanging clothes on, or the shelves to the right, behind the wall that you can't see for anything I actually need to use...but I have worked around it. The shelves are for storage that I don't need to get to, and I hung Aloria's dresses on her hamper rack with her shoes and socks (as seen below). True, now I need a hamper...but I am excited to look for one of those cute tall baskety ones. I intend on putting it in the corner behind where I'm standing.
P.S. I don't know if you recognize it, but the curtains hanging over the crib is the shower curtain that we had hanging in our Pendleton least, I think I had it hanging there. Perhaps it was somewhere else...either way, it's a shower curtain...and it's cute :-)
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jacquelyn said...

i love what you did, so cute. and i like the crib in the closet! so grea! and the clothes on that little racl. and hooray for aloria sleeping in a big bed..... i hope dahlia does soon.

Rainbow said...

1) there were stars on the pendleton shower curtain... i think it had been tracy's or something.

2) why can't you hang clothes on that bar? it's not like justus is going to get up and grab them until like a year from now.

3) i like cribs in closets. i put sunshine in the closet a few times when i was going crazy in the middle of the night. It's like he gets his own room:)

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