Monday, April 21, 2008

All done!...ish

The floor is done...and has been done since last Tuesday. We spread out our new area rug to see what it would look like, though we can't leave it down until tomorrow because the top floor seal had to harden, or something, for seven days. Anywho...I know our rug is really bold. When we first saw it, we were like, wow that's really ...well, it's really something, but we couldn't stop looking at it, and it has all of the colors of our living room/computer room. So, we are super excited about it :-) I'm still having trouble deciding on how we are going to arrange the furnature, but once I am satisfied with how it looks, I will put a picture up.

This is the carpet remnant that we got for the computer's burber with a square design in it...only $60. Sweet....but our tax money has run out :-) ...super fun while it lasted...and so we will be waiting a little longer for all of the finishing touches. Left to do: purchase carpet pad and install new rug, get floor molding for the living room...and a new ceiling fan (ours broke and summer's on its way). Also, I need to repaint all of the trim white. I never repainted that when we moved here and its old and needs a new coat to really look nice...but that's just because I want to, and not because I have to.
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