Monday, April 21, 2008

The best breakfast ever!!!

When we first arrived at the Christmas house, we filled some paperwork...and in that paperwork was a menu of breakfast and time options. We chose a nine o'clock breakfast and an omlet with strawberry covered french toast! Evidently, we were the only ones staying there who picked the nine o'clock time, so we had the dining room to ourselves. It was so entirely cozy and warm feeling! The table was set just for us, and there were small boals of yogurt mixed with fresh banana's and strawberries for us on our plates.

I had checked on the menu that I wanted milk, orange juice and hot chocolate...I couldn't decide on just one. All was there for me! The hot water in a little tea pot and my juice an milk in glass goblets. I've decided that any beverage tastes better in a goblet!

The breakfast was soooo good!!! ...and believe me, Aaron is a breakfast lover, but got full half way through. That never happens! He still managed to eat everything but one waffle piece... I ordered the half plate and still couldn't finish my omlet.
Over all, it was such an amazing, romantic...thoroughly comfortable ...trying to think of another word...ahhh, picturesque breakfast, and totally worth the extra money you put into a place like this. The owners served us, and we found they were Christians :-) They have run the Christmas House for ten years, but are trying to sell it now. The selling market isn't so great right now, but please pray for them that the right person comes along and that the Lord blesses them in all these things in His perfect timing!
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