Monday, April 21, 2008

Our room...

After the Sader, it was so nice to come back to our cozy little room...the Mistletoe Room

I think that I blended right in with the floral surroundings! When you first walk in our room, there was a day bed to the left (in case of a third person), and to the right a small bathroom and shower...with a small clostraphobicy looking room meant to be the was really cool that we had our own sauna, but we never took advantage of it...I didn't want to get that over heated.
Also, to the right and to the left of the bathroom was a vanity. I've decided that I like sitting down to do my hair and make up and will make it a priority to get one in our future house :-)
Then straight ahead and sort of leftish...well, it's me, and couch, and across from that is a gas fire place and a tv that faces the bed. To the right of the couch is the bed and to the right of that was the small alcove in the wall (I can't believe I didn't take a picture of it) where our own private jaquzzi tub was (complete with jets and bath salts). The room had bathrobes for us, and a coffee chocolate packets and a microwave. We really needed two nights to take full advantage of every little comfort they provided. ...oh and when we couldn't sleep, they had a programmed radio type thing that played sounds of the ocean, rain forest, or about three other similar type sounds that I forget.
The room was the perfect temperature, so we didn't need the fire place or covers...and downstairs they had a whole cubboard full of dvds to borrow. I watched (Aaron slept) Hairspray, because I've been curious about it, but would never pay money to rent it, myself.
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