Friday, November 16, 2007

Caleb has a sister!

I'm sure I've talked about Rhonda before...she's been crazy hospitalized pregnant sick for the majority of her pregnancy, and so I've been watching her son, Caleb for her. Well, as of Thursday (the 15th), at 2:00 am, she had her baby girl! She wasn't due until Dec. 7th...which is really a sad birthday to have, though an easy one to remember, but the doctor had planned to induce her the day before Thanksgiving because she kept getting infections in her pick line (semi-permenant tube in her arm feeding her out of a bag). Well, such an infection happened again, and they planned to keep her overnight, only this time, her water decided to break and she went into labor on her own...and even though it's about three weeks early, everyone who knows her has sort of drawn a collective breath of relief, hoping that this will be the end in sight that she has been waiting for. No more crazy hormones making her sick, no more pick line, no more having to have Caleb far from her. I'm not sure how fast she will recover, but the point is that she is on her way. I'm not sure how much longer I will be watching Caleb, but I'm sure that when it ends, Aloria will miss her play-mate very much and we'll have to have him over occasionally, just to visit! ...and before I forget to mention, Rhonda named her new daughter Katie. She was 5lb 12oz and 18 inches long. I'm sure those numbers alone will infuriate Rainbow, when they were practically reversed for her, but what can you do. Rainbow your pelvis is my hero!


Rainbow said...

I'm not infuriated:) I do think it's funny that her baby was LESS THAN HALF the size of mine:)

I'm glad she and her baby are ok!

Anonymous said...

So, Nessie. I like the bangs - does Aaron? Did you really blame it on your hormones?

AND - my mom's pelvis should be in your hero ranks too because her 4th kid was 12.7 lbs - Her "smallest" baby was over 9 lbs! - You can pray that I don't have kids like that!!

That's all for now :)