Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I live in a stinky crap hole!

It's the holiday season and there are so many things I want to do, and I don't have the energy to do any of them! I barely have enough motivation to get things done on a good day, let alone day after day of feeling nausious... My kitchen is a complete disaster...I just ran out of small plates, bowls, and forks because I haven't washed any dishes yesterday or today. ...mostly due to the mysterious smells that seem to live there, hightened by irrationally driven pregnancy hormones. I can't stand the smell of meat...or to open my refrigerator door. I'm sure there are things that need to be thrown away, but I'm too afraid to find them. Aaron has been sooo sweet...he's been lighting candles and incense for me, to cover the house odors that normally wouldn't bother me, but now make me feel like I'm stuck in a stinky crap hole. ...and even if I can get away with having Aaron fend for himself for dinner, I still have to get Aloria and Caleb's breakfast and lunch. I'm hoping this will all be over in time for Christmas. I don't have much hope for enjoying this year's Thanksgiving meal, but maybe I will be feeling a little better by then. Either way, none of the cooking will be going on over here, if I can at all help it. ...maybe the mash potatos and a pie or two...but no meat or seasoned vegi's. I miss salads so much!!!! ...but if memory serves me right from my last morning sickness episode, there is nothing worse then throwing up a salad, so I have steered far far away from them.

Aloria is waking up...she just cried, but then stopped...I might get a half hour more out of this nap time, so I think I will go and attack the kitchen...oh so timidly, I might add. I never know if I should sleep or clean when she is napping. I know my body needs rest, but Aaron doesn't deserve to live in a pig sty...if ever we start making good money, for our third child, maybe Aaron will let me hire a maid. I'm sure if it means he will get fed well, he'll agree to it :-)

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Emily said...

I'm sorry you're feeling so icky today! I can understand the messy kitchen thing, my least favorite room to clean of all. Especially, when was pregnant. Every kitchen odor sent me off in a puking mess.

I wish I were closer to help you out!

I'm praying for you!