Wednesday, December 12, 2007

St. Nicholas Party

So, this Christmas I was really thinking you guys in Portland. I remember this one year in the dorms when Christy (at the time Lucas) crammed a bunch of us girls in her dorm room for a St. Nicholas Party. It was so much fun! I think the next year it was in the upstairs lounge (which is where I met Melissa:-)
I don't remember how many of you "marrieds" (females) were there, but I really wished that I could throw a great big party and invite all of you...parties are better with close friends, I think...but I did help put one together for our home builders couples at church. Aaron read the story about the three Christmas Trees...which I love! It makes me cry!
I also made little gift bags for all of the kids out of the burlap wedding runner I had...haha. Who knew it would come in handy again. I stitched their names on their bags with red yarn and filled them with an orange, chocolate coins and candy canes.
The kids watched movies and cookies, while the adults socialized and played Gotcha. It was a fun night, and I'm glad we did it...though I missed fellowshipping with you all!

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