Saturday, August 25, 2007

What's new?

That is a good question...what is new? Well, I'll tell you. My days at Kohl's are quickly coming to an end. My last day is the 30th and, although I have liked working there, I will be happy to be home again. It breaks my heart to leave Aloria, though sometimes I do, indeed, need the break...but overall it has been a stress on us, and I will be happy when it is over.

In the meantime...I had a Pampered Chef Party yesterday, which a friend from Kohl's, who was most gracious to host, but it turned out to be a complete bust!!! It was good practise, good fellowship, good fun, and good cookies...but only one person wanted to order one thing (not the host by the way...geesh) ...which in the end, I can not order for her because I have to have orders totalling at least $150 to submit a show. This is actually pretty easy to do...if you invite people who are interested in buying something. I will probably have to hand her order over to my supervisor lady person and have her tack it on to one of her shows so that she can get her product. It felt like a failure of a show, but I won't be giving up just yet. Once I'm done with Kohl's I will have more time to devote, hopefully. One show a month is my goal...I won't stress myself out about it.

In other news my husband's sisters mother died recently. So really it's his half sister. I don't think I've mentioned that he had a sister...but he does and now you know. Her name is Elizabeth, and she is the eldest (coming from Aaron's dad's first marriage). We (and by that I mean Aaron) hasn't talked to her since just before we got married (she wasn't able to come). I think she was living in Florida at the time. Now she is living in California, but her mom was in Florida still. It's a very sad story, really. She hadn't been able to get ahold of her mom for a week and so she called the police to check on her...and they found her in her bed (they think she had been dead for about that long). Pretty much they were each others family (Larry and his ex-wife did not get along) and Elizabeth hadn't seen her dad or Marlene for about ten years I think. Anyway, she called her dad to let him know her situation and the Lord is really working through it. Aaron called her and asked what she needed...which right now consists of fixing up her mom's apartment/condo/whatever it is in had damage from last years' hurricane season. She also needs to go through all of her moms things, mome furnature, throw out what she won't keep, get rid of clothes, fix up the house, go through paperwork, settle her mom's estate, etc. Taking care of a loved-ones life after they have left it is a really difficult and confusing task. So AAron called all of his brothers, and despite our collective poverty, they all decided to find the money for plane tickets and to go and meet Elizabeth in Florida and help her with as much as they can. She will have to supply the money/supplies, but her brothers will be there with her to help her move, sort, reconstruct, etc. Andrew (Aaron's middle brother) has built houses from the ground up, Aaron does framing and can pick up on anything else you teach him, and Jeremy has a job wiring stuff...and Larry (their dad), a welder by trade, is pretty much just handy at anything. That's right, he's going too! This is a huge answer to prayer, because Marlene said that she has been praying for Elizabeth, and even before she knew of her mother's death, had asked the Lord if He would see fit to work in Elizabeth's life again (she had received the Lord when she was eight) through her sons...that Elizabeth would know that she was loved by her family. Now all her boys are going...and Larry. It will be especially difficult on him, so please keep him in your prayers. I am hoping that Elizabeth will not feel orphaned, but embraced and loved through this. I have another sister-in-law I have never met...Aloria needs to meet her other aunt. I hope she will come be with us for the holidays...please keep her in your prayers. It will be financially taxing on everyone involved, but the Lord will provide for the reunion He, most certainly, must have planned :-)

Also keep the boys in your prayers as well...for safe travels and for a safe return. Andrew's wife, Anne Marie, is due for their first child Oct 20th, so it's difficult for him to be away from her so near the end of her pregnancy. Oh ya, they are leaving this coming Labor Day weekend. Marlene will be staying with me so I won't be lonely :-) The only sad part about Aaron leaving when he that I might be fertile that weekend. That's right, I said it...FERTILE! We decided to try for another baby now instead of may take a while anyway. I've never tried to get pregnant on purpose... it's almost as stressful as trying not to get pregnant! ...anyway you'll know when it happens...the announcement will be in bright red caps!!! I've pretty much forgotten about the pain of child birth by now, which is probably why I want another one...what am I thinking?! Epideral is what I'm thinking! Yeah baby! ...well, I'm actually not sure yet, but eh...we'll see. ...and oh yes, that does change my whole triathalon plans. I don't think I want to do something stressful to my body that I don't normally do during my first trimester if I do, indeed, get I'm going to sit this one out. Maybe next year! Viva la procrastination!


Rainbow said...

I knew i was pregnant because I could barely finish my run one day. You should keep training for the tri and just stop if you get preggers.

I can't believe you want an epidural after having a normal birth the first time!! You know you can do it, why mess up your first meeting with your baby like that?!!??! Silly nessie. It doesn't hurt as much if you are in a tub and not laying down:) (i'm assuming anyway, i only layed down on my side for about 1 hour of labor but it was by far the most painful part)

Emily said...

Yeah, for more babies! I'll be praying for the guys while they're going and that it would be a positive experience.

By the way, epidurals don't mess up your meeting with your little one. I was completely awake, coherent and loved every minute of it! In fact, I was pain free and felt great!

Anonymous said...

Love you Nessie! Can't wait to meet Aloria.. and another when it comes time :) You do what you feel most comfortable doing, it is your body & your baby!!