Monday, August 06, 2007


I think that the last thing I blogged about was my brother's wedding. The only thing I would add would be to please keep them in prayer. All new couples should have a covering of prayer to help usher them into married life :-) After the wedding, the real fun, I don't mean the honeymoon! :-) ...though that is...nevermind.

In other news, I'm quitting my job! Yes, Aaron's mind...I mean, my mind is made up. haha In truth, I was planning on switching back to Choice Hotels (my first job when moving here). Better pay, better hours, closer to home (I could walk there), plus commission... it seemed like a smart move. But, right before I was about to make my move, Aaron confided in me that he missed me, and that he missed me all the time and didn't want me to work anymore. He wants to take out a school loan to supliment our decrease in GI bill. I told him I didn't want him to have to go into debt his final year if we didn't have to. His reply to that was that it cost him more to have me gone then it did for me not to work. How can I argue with that! How sweet! A part of me, still wants to stick it out until next summer so he doesn't have to take the loan, but I'm happy to have the opportunity to submit to's not often that he puts me in the position of having to follow his lead. Meaning...this is the decision that needs to be made. The end. But I trust his leadership, and his heart is so loving about it, that I'm sure this is the way the Lord intends for us to go. Truth be told, I am relieved... When we try for another one (in just three short months) those first four months take a real toll on your body. I remember being exhausted! I don't think I could do that and work until 1:00am and then get up to take care of Aloria without having a nervous breakdown. That, and I don't care for the throwing up part while at work either. Most importantly, I had forgotten what I had told Aaron in the beginning that I would rather be poor than work an opposite schedule as him, inhibitting us from being together. I strayed from that, though it was necessary for a time for us to do so (and pay bills), I think God is letting me know, that time is over. It has been difficult to crawl into bed at 2:00am after he has been asleep for a while. I miss falling asleep with him (and three out of four days doing that isn't enough). So now my attitude is changed and I am counting down the days until I am done with work (the end of this month).
Please pray for Rhonda...Caleb's mom. She is still sick (some bad days and some good days), and so I have still been watching Caleb. ...four days a week, 8-5:30. He is easy to take care of and he and Aloria get along well...for the most part. Aloria is more headstrong...and though six months younger, she is more aggressive then he is (well, she is my child), so if I need to keep anyone in check, it is usually her. Silly girl!
Going back to the subject of working for just a sec...while I was at work the other night, pushing my little cart and changing out all of the little sale signs, I came up with a story idea. I want to write a story. I don't know how long it will be, or if I will actually get it done, so I'm not going to say what it's about...but if I do get it done, I will post it and I hope that you all enjoy it! ...but don't hold me to it.
On the homefront, I am getting the kitchen a little more done to my liking (still need to paint some stuff)...I plan on stenciling some foliage on a large space, and Aaron has been patching up some dry wall after installing a fan in the more foggy mirrors and moldy ceilings...woohoo! We wanted to get grass planted in the backyard by September...not sure if we'll get it done in time, but we'll see.
Aaron starts school soon, and as mentioned before, this is his last year! I am going to throw him the biggest party when he's done!!! I'm really proud of how hard and dilligent he has worked at being a husband, a father, a student...and a friend. I couldn't have asked for better!
He is my hero! ...and I tell him so :-) Probably sometime during his second semester, he is going to have to really look into jobs and where we will be settling down, so we have something secured for us after graduation. I will have a second baby (Lord willing) by then and won't be able to help...not that he'd want me to again anyway :-) We probably won't try that again until the kids are old enough for school (depending on if we homeschool or not). Not so sure yet. I think I'll want the break in my day. I'm not built to stay home all the makes me lazy!
Oh remember my exercising routine...haven't done it since getting back from the wedding. Once you like the way you look, it's like, cool! I've reached my goal and I'm good to go. Ya...not so much. You sort of have to keep it up to stay the way you want. Soooo I'm going to start back up today...and just for another added insentive (because I need that)...Aaron and I are going to sign up for a triathalon. I'll probably dog paddle in the pool, come in last on my bike, and walk the running part...perhaps not, but I have to tell myself that will be okay, just as long as I cross the finish line. The exercising is my goal...not the winning. The tri. is in October...perfect. I'll look fabulous just in time to get pregant again, haha. Actually, I really do think it's perfect. I'll be in good shape to keep exercising through pregnancy and then maybe I'll bounce back a little sooner after this next one. I want to have a lot of kids, so I need to get my body used to how it's supposed to look post pregnancy so it doesn't forget somewhere along the way :-) I also sort of hope I have twins somewhere along the way. I'll reach my number goal faster and it'll cut down on how many times I have to less trama to my body the better. Sure, I might go crazy, but that's a chance my body is willing to take. Hear that body! Now lets go have a cookie!

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Rainbow said...

Aaron is so sweet! I wish jeff would tell me to quit my job!!!!!!

I totally want to read your story.

Good job with the triathlon:) I must have had an easy birth. I'm zero amounts of scared this time. I'm even looking forward to it (just so I get my body back a little bit). You should try giving birth in the tub, it's way comfortable. I can't believe you want twins. Scary!