Sunday, April 01, 2007

Will this night ever end?!

It's 3:46am and I feel awful! I've been sick all day today...and I have one of those dull sinus headaches that come with it, which is preventing me from getting any kind of restful sleep. Aloria and I have both been pretty sick; in fact, I think I got my cold from her. 103 temperatures, the chills, achy, coughing, can't breath well...all of that good stuff. Where she got sick to begin with is sort of a mystery to me, but the point is, we're both fairly miserable.

I'm hoping that Kate didn't catch what Aloria has. Kate, being Tracy's daughter. They have been moving across country from Arkansas to's been more than stressful for her, and for poor Kate who hates car rides now. They have been pulling 8 hr driving days since...well, I'm not sure since when, but for a while. ...I am so happy that they were able to stop by our house on their way, through. Kate is six months old now (about the same age as Lavinia), but bigger than Aloria who is three months older. She's got all of those baby rolls that Aloria never got...she reminds me of pictures of Dahlia, actually. They look like they could be cousins (not because of the cute baby rolls, but because of their faces). I was sooo excited to meet her. One down, Lavinia and Maddox to go :-) ...and then Pam's baby when she has hers. Someday I'd like to see Melanie's future baby...oh and Joel and Andy's....and Aloria's first cousin, due in October. I think more of you just have to come visit me!!!

Anyway, I had better get back to bed before Aaron realizes I'm gone. He's been really great today, taking care of Aloria and such. ...getting up to comfort her and give her some water, etc... She's having a difficult time breathing, so she's been waking up a lot. Oh ya, and she's teething...I saw four swellings up at the top...and the other day one finally poked through. It's been three days of hell!!! Her bottom teeth didn't seem to give her nearly the trouble her top ones are giving her. We've been off our schedule for so long, that I'm not looking forward to getting back on it, at all! She slept the night for the first time right before she got sick!!! Slept the night!...and now she's back to getting up 2 or 3 times because she feels so miserable. ...but if she feels anything like I do, then I don't blame her; I am looking forward to a life of consistency again. Someday...

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mrs bodeutsch said...

i am so sorry to hear you are sick again!
dahlia definitely had more trouble with the top teeth than the bottom ones too.
we havent gotten to meet lavinia either, they were in town recently but it didnt work out. i was so bummed.... i wish i could see a pic of tracy's little girl, i would like to see her!
hope you get better soon!