Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Finally on the mend

Wow, I am finally on the mend...I still suffer from the occasional cough, but my symptoms are subsiding, and life is getting on as normal once again. It has been a really really difficult two weeks. I haven't been sick like this since I don't know when!
Anyway, I am getting a wisdom tooth pulled tomorrow. I went to the dentist while I was still in the midst of my very bad cold/flu because I suspected that my tooth was infected. I suspected this mostly because earlier that month half of it fell out of my mouth having rotted out of my head...gross! It was infected, so I was put on penisilin (sp) ...so I alternated between that and heavy duty decongestants for my "most likely" sinus infection that I decided not to go to the doctor for. My tooth feels great and so do my sinuses...woo hoo. ...and by the by, I am completely at ease with getting my tooth pulled. I absolutely love my dentist. He has pulled another one of my wisdom teeth before and given me a filling. After being tramatized by a child-hood dentist who pulled my tooth before I was completely numb (I could feel the nerve shooting down my body) and then surrounded me with nurses who stuck cotton in my mouth to hold my tongue aside and put her hand on my neck for leverage (taking away my leverage for breath), causing me to panic... this new dentist is an absolute saint!!!!!!!!!! ...plus he takes payments :-)
...and hey, I got another job!!! I'm still doing Pampered Chef.....and Molly lamma, you should have a Pampered Chef "house warming" catalogue party (I can totally do that long distance...I'll mail you a video of me demonstrating stuff...how funny would that be?!)......but I also started working part time nights at Kohl's Department store. I'm in the midst of training for cashier and Ad set (putting up, taking down, and changing out all of their many many many discount/sale signs) . I used to be happy they had so many sales...haha. Of course, I am not thrilled to be working an opposite schedule as Aaron. I will only be working four days a week, but that will still give us a lot less time together (especially during the summer when he's out of school), but we've prayed about it and discussed on more than one occasion, and it really comes down to Aaron being able to finish his last year of school. His GI bill (our main source of income during the school year) is running out, and so if we start saving now, we will be able to live off of that so that he can finish...and his graduating is sooo important to us right now! So me working nights is temporary...I will probably quit in December, though it might carry on through until next summer. We'll see... only the Lord knows what he has planned for us long term, but right now, I am truly grateful that I can help keep us afloat! ...and I really like the people I work with, and hope that this becomes an opportunity to share my faith like I haven't been able to do for a while, staying at home most of the time. Please pray for that!
Last, but not least, how sad is the whole VA Tech shooting! My heart is heavy...both for those killed and the killer. He must have been a tortured soul...how Satan must have gloated over his death, perhaps more than those he had him kill. ...and now he is totured forever. I only pray that the majority of the students who lost their lives knew Christ as their Savior, and that they are at home with the Father...all of their fears quieted...all of their tears wiped away as they smile with relief at the one who loves them most, as they are welcomed home into Glory! This only strengthens my resolve to cast aside timidity as I have opportunities to share the gospel message with those I meet at work!...and in life.

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