Monday, April 23, 2007

my cycle isn't cycling

Okay, so I already blogged that I was really sick this last month...I didn't start feeling better for two weeks, which made taking care of Aloria and everything else really difficult, bla bla bla. I say this again...not get sympathy, but because it threw off my "cycle" something fierce!!! The long and the short of it is (you boys wouldn't appreciate my elaborating, I don't think), that it's been 32 days since my last cycle, but the two prego. tests I've taken have read negative...soooo confused. I really was very very sick!!! ...and then I had a tooth infection (was put on penisilin), probably had a sinus infection, headaches, had my wisdom tooth pulled (all before I was actually well). ...soooo I'm hoping that my body is just really screwed up from all of that, and I'm not actually pregnant, and things will get back to normal soon! Not that I mind being pregnant again. On the contrary! Aloria is 10 months now, and any time after now is fine if something happens accidently...except that we don't want another baby until Aaron May. So the earliest we actually "want" to start trying is in October. Just 5 months away... anyways, my body is freaking me out with its abnormal behavior. Aaron laughed at me for taking two tests, but when things don't go right in your body...or make sense like gets a little scary. I mean late period = pregnant most of the time!!! when it doesn't, it's disconcerting. Oh well, I'll give it another week, take another test, and then just chalk it up to a crazy month brought on by being crazy sick!

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