Thursday, March 08, 2007

I'll never let go, Hi Speed! I'll never let go!

I don't think I've mentioned it, but my laptop finally 'sploded! Actually, it was more like a meltdown... it still works if we plug in a key board, but that's a big hassel, and my advice from Justin was that if it got hot enough to melt the key board, then it could potentially ruin my hard drive. So we dug into savings and were able to get a new was a floor model (originally $800, selling for $318) so it was an amazing deal! ...dampered only by the fact that it is running exhasperatingly slow (Justin is trying to help me figure that one out). It seems like AVG-antivirus is overly agressive or something, because when I delete it, it's up and running fine again. Anyone with anymore insight feel free to leave me advice!!! ...but I am soooo excited because now that I have this baby-sitting job, Aaron and I decided to get high speed internet. I can't believe we've gone without it for so long! ...but until now, it was one of those extra's that we technically didn't "need," and so we've done without. Thank you Lord for small blessings!

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