Friday, December 08, 2006

Power Ranger to the rescue! No kidding, a four year old little boy saved his family by dressing up in his Power Ranger costume and scaring away a burglar. With all that is evil in this world...with all the absolute depravity that the media broadcasts every waking moment to fill our minds with fear, much to the Enemy's delite...a little ray of sunshine--and comedy--shines its way through.

I don't know if I saw this on our local news or if it was national...I suspect national because he made an appearance on The View (I'll comment on how I feel about that show later)...which means some of you may already know about this, and if so, more than me because I got destracted and never saw the interview. From what I know, a man broke into a house and was holding a family at gunpoint. The four year old son ran into his room and put on his Power Ranger outfit and then came out yelling, "Hiya!" and other such noises, both loud and appropriate for a superhero to yell out. The intruder was so startled that he ran out of the house. That kid is my hero...I will have to look up the story online to find out more about it.

It's settled! I will now have to let Aloria watch, what I think to be utterly rediculous, super hero shows so that she can be prepared to defend her family incase of such an attack upon us. It's never to early to train them to braver than you! :-)

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