Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas is almost here! I read Rainbow's livejournal about how the holidays have lost their sparkle as we get older...well, normally I would agree, but this year I am very excited and for two reasons.

#1 We are going to Arizona to stay for a whole three weeks! Woohoo!
  • 70 degree weather
  • grandparents who haven't seen their grandchild since September double as ready and willing baby-sitters so Aaron and I will have the opportunity to go on some dates
  • Beth, my bosom friend, will be in town for the holidays...she's a teacher in Hungry
  • We will go to my grandparents' home for Christmas and all the relative will ooooh and ahhhh over Aloria
  • My cousins' Freddy and Sabrina (who is Chinese) adopted a new little baby girl, Sienna, and I can't wait to see her (10 months old or something like that)!!!
#2 It is Aloria's first Christmas...not that she will remember it, but I can't wait to have everyone meet her...which I think was actually a part of reason number 1.

The sad part of Christmas is how expensive it is. Because my extended family can get large...we're only buying gifts for the little guys...5 cousins in all. ...but my family will still exchange gifts, so will Aaron's...we will get something for my brother, his brothers, Anne Marie and Beth, etc... I hate gifts!!! Well, I hate not having money for gifts.
Sooooo, I learned how to knit scarves. I found a really cute pattern for boa yarn to make fluffy scarves for all of the girl cousins, as well as Caiden and Selah. Not sure what I'll get the boys yet. I feel so house wifey! ...but this time in a good way.

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jacquelyn said...

glad to hear that you are using your creativity and making some gifts... that is so much more special anyways!
justin and i make more money than you guys and we still arent buying very many presents! people dont expect young married families to fork over lots of gifts!! i am sure they just want to see you and the cutie pie anyways!!