Thursday, December 18, 2008

My November due

Although my September haircut looked nice in the wedding photos I posted. I hated it every second of every day. I woke up hating it and went to sleep hating it. I liked the pictures, but in general it didn't do what I wanted it to, and when I tried to get a repeat performance of day of the luck. It was not the least bit cooporative. It was big on top and flippy on bottom, and just not what I wanted! Unfortunately, Aaron loved it.

This, on the other hand, I love every second of the day. I like it when I straighten it, I like it when it's messy. It's the easiest hair cut I've ever had...little to no fuss necessary! Unfortunatley, Aaron hates it.
It tapers up in the back and he thinks I look like a Romulan (or Vulcan, whatever). I asked if he thought I was, at least, a pretty vulcan. He said yes, and that is almost good enough for me. Okay, so I like my husband to be happy with my due. I'm going to schedule another appointment to get it ship shape again (as it has grown out some), and since the taper in the back is what he doesn't like the most, I will go for a bop. You won't really be able to tell from the front anyway, and that is what I see....sigh.

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Joel and Andi said...

Well I think it looks great!!

Emily said...

That hair cut looks SO good on you! Love it!

Carrie said...

Isn't that always how it goes with hair; whatever WE love our husbands hate. I love it by the way, sorry Aaron it looks like you are out voted J/K haha.

Anonymous said...

i always mention when i see a picture of you with short hair on the screen saver that i like your hair short... this new cut looks really good! and i totally understand doing something your husband likes.... fortunately justin likes everything on me, but if he didnt i would do something else.... it isnt like they wouldnt find us sexy or something.. even if we shaved it... which i have considered actually!(=
i am do overdue for a new haircut, and i dont know when i will get one. we are snowed in!!! nearly ten inches!!

Anonymous said...

Love the haircut, Venessa......

Does make you look more like your mom!

Mrs. Carlisi (Emily)

Anonymous said...

Hi Venessa,

Karen Sims here, Mrs. Carlisi's friend. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your being at the MOPS meeting you were able to attend at Mt. Zion. You really contributed in very positive ways to the discussion! I was hoping that you would be attending regularly! I just received a note from our MOPS leader, talking about membership for next year, and wondered if it would work out for you, or if you were interested? Warmly, Karen :-)