Thursday, October 02, 2008

Road trip

The trip took us two days...the kids were amazing.
I kid you not...not one crying fit...not ONE!!!
The DVD player really helped with Aloria in my parents truck and Justus seemed happy because he was hooked up between Aaron and I in the moving van and could see us whenever he woke up.
I only had to pump once each day, while Aaron drove, so that those times when we couldn't stop right away I had something to offer him. He took the bottle great, and slept and smiled most of the way there!

Aloria only asked to go home once, and that was when we were in the hotel room. I think she was pretty worn out.
I told her we were going to Nani's to be with the horse and Hunter (their dog)...she seemed satisfied.
We walked next door to a Deni's where Nani bought her Rocket cup as a souvenier (did I spell that right? hmmm).
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