Thursday, October 02, 2008


I don't know what happened, but today I felt like blogging...which means a lot of catch up.
Though, if I thought that I had to relay every detail, I'd probably get right back off again, as my brain would become too overwhelmed to carry on :-) here are some snippets of our move.

Signing papers (okay, this was before anyone else got there)
- you know, there is something far different about walking away from a paper signing and realizing that you no longer own your home, then the first time when we purchased it.
Though the first time we only got keys, and this time we got was still sort of sad.

We left the signing to pick up our moving van...we went back and forth on the size over and over again, but finally settled on the 14 ft.
It "just" fit everything...from front to back, floor to ceiling, it was packed full.
We also had put our couch and spinner in the back of my parents truck and a bunch of other odds and ends in our car we towed.

We had people over for toasts and last goodbyes...if Aloria doesn't miss Caleb, I certainly do. In fact, I miss the whole Repshire Clan...hear that Repshires! I miss you guys!!!

This was only the start of what ended up to be a mound of packed boxes to be put into the van.
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Rhonda said...

I hear you!! I didn't even know you guys had this site until today!! How sad is that!! Anyway, I'm glad I discovered it as I REALLY enjoy keeping up and seeing pics of you guys! I miss you too! Oh, and Caleb was having memories just today of hanging out while I was sick with Katie. Hmmm... I was just beginning to think he was forgetting that stuff. Sigh...