Saturday, June 07, 2008

Pretty pretty

There is a house behind our fence and across the street that raises Pionese (totally butchered the spelling) flowers. They have already
been harvested, but were beautiful while they lasted!
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Alec and Becky said...

Hey Girl!! I miss you! I'm working on our wedding slide show and have a Pendleton pic in there. =) Seeing you made me smile and miss you! Congrats on everything going on with you lately, like Aaron's Grad!! You look great! I love you!!

Deanna Buoniconti said...

Hey! Sorry i haven't gotten back to you sooner. I have been super busy with everyhting going on. Anyway, thanks for your thoughtful words about being a wife. It's def. hard and a new phase i hope to only go thru once. I am heading the words of my sister too, to learn the lesons God is trying to teach me quickly. But having a good attitude and being positive is always hard. Thankfully Brent has gotten some side job work like painting at my parents, and some gardeinging and house work for my grandpa. But we are hoping that soon a job offer will come in that meets and exceeds us by all our wildest dreams. =) We can pray anyway!

Well hope everything is going well there. How is Aloria liking being a big sister?

Well, better get back to waiting (ie: waseting!) for our flight to Charlotte, NC! and finally Nashville. =(

Deanna Buoniconti said...

YeS! We had a great trip. Im going to post pictures soon. We're not sure when we will move. Brent is thinking about leaving in the next couple months and looking for a job. I will be here probably until the end of the year. Exciting that you will be close. sad tho that we wont get to see you much! hopefully you guys can come visit us! so what made you guys decide to move to yuma? we will be praying your house sells quickly!!!

Deanna Buoniconti said...

I think you need a new post so i don't have so many on this post on pictures with nothing to do with what im going to tell you! haha... anyway.

Well that is very exciting about you guys moving to Yuma! It sounds like your mom is very excited and making her a very busy lady! We are also praying (along with home plans) that Aaron finds a job! So have you started packing and looking for houses? I couldn't tell from what your mom said, are you staying with them for a while and looking for houses/jobs?

We are continuing to pray about where God is leading us. As we have been praying for God to close doors here in OC, and then Brent losing his job, there are lots of things to consider. so we would love your prayers for upcoming decisions too!!!

How's the homefront in GJ? How's Justus getting along? Aloria adjusting to having a brother??

Hope you guys are well.
<3 Deanna