Monday, April 21, 2008

While the parents were out...

While Aaron and I were away for our early anniversary night in Ouray, Aloria stayed with Caleb. I had never left her overnight before with anyone, besides maybe I kept worrying that she'd call for me or not go to bed well...or be confused when she woke up in the morning. Evidently, she was fine...and to all of your about to be mothers out there, I think we miss them way more then they miss us... Sure they may cry and cling to you at the door because they don't want you to leave, but the moment you are out of sight, they make the most of it...and make the most of it she did!

Ed and Rhonda took some pics for us...Ed took them out to fly a kite, and said that despite the wind and not being able to get the kite to stay up for long, the kids had a great time chasing it and getting tangled in the tail, which was their favorite part.

Aloria also got to spend the day with Caleb's two she didn't have much time to feel lonely. In fact, Rhonda said she did great...was able to be comforted by either her or Ed and didn't have any major tantrums, crying fits, etc... Moral of the story: worry less, stay out more :-) haha
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