Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Time for another project!

Aaron was really getting used to all this staying home stuff. He definately liked sleeping in and spending more time with us...but it was about day 30 of being unemployed when he walked in the room looking rather down, and stated it had been a month since he had worked. He was finally getting ansy...and I don't rememeber if it was that day or a day or two later when I woke up from my nap on the couch to him pulling up a corner of the living room carpet, saying, "you know, I think there is wood flooring underneath this carpet." He really loves keeping busy, and so with a renewed sense of purpose, we began sectionally taking up the carpet, pulling up the layer of lanolium tiles, and then replacing everything and then moving on to another section. So pretty much, three fourths of our living room is done under the carpet, and when Aaron starts working again, we will rent one of those huge industrial type sanders, seal the floor, and have great looking wood floors by April or May. I'm so excited!
This is what hides underneath carpet pads...lots and lots of DIRT! I think that removing our carpet my help my allergies this year.
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Emily said...

Big project! But, it looks like fun! I definitely like not having carpet, especially in our main living areas. No carpet staining!