Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I love being pregnant!

If I got to be this part of being pregnant all of the time, I'd be pregnant...all of the time! My morning sickness is finally ...practically (feeling good enough not to complain about it) gone! ...I am in maternity clothes (pretty much exclusively now) from my day o' shopping, and looking better every day. ...mostly, because I get dressed in the morning now. I know, isn't that sad! I was spending my entire day in sweats (or as Aaron called them, my "saggy baggies")...isn't that one of those things that you swear you'll never do to your husband once you get married. Bleh! Well, get a new wardrobe and you'll like getting dressed in the morning :-) I put on makeup AAAAND even curl my hair every now and again. I know! Anywho...I really love the pregnant body and all of its hope chest is coming in :-) and I don't have to worry about keeping a flat stomach...that's just pointless! ...and fairly soon, I think I will be in the "glowing" stage...which I'm pretty sure is actually imaginary. ...but random people will still walk up to you and gush at you anyway and say, "Oh my, you are just glowing!" Heck yeah, baby! ...heck yeah.


Emily said...

The tummy thing made me laugh. I was complaining to Kyle about it the other day and I was thinking that I really should get on doing tummy exercises and stuff. And then, it occurred to me that I'm be pregnant in 6 months or so, so really, what's the point!?! LOL Actually, that's a terrible philosophy, but, there's too much chocolate around here, so we're going to go with it.

jacquelyn said...

oh my goodness, everything you said is sooo true!! i NEVER thought i would wear baggy ugly clothes around the house once i was married, and i furthermore never thought i wouldnt wear makeup in front of my husband. HA i rarely am in anything descent, if someone comes to the door i rush around trying to find a suitable shirt or pants. and my makeup is leftover from a couple days ago and my eyes are dark from rubbing my mascara around... i was just thinking today how being pregnant is really enjoyable,. well 4 months of it at least. and i love how you dont have to worry about sucking in your stomach, that is the best!
ya the glowing thing is a joke! mostly old ladies say that, and it is probably becuase they have cataracts in their eyes fogging their view...
love you!

Anonymous said...

So, I would like to say that although I am past the feeling like crap stage - I would rather be just a little bit further along! I can't suck it in, but it just feels like I'm a little chubby :)

I guess its because I have NEVER had a flat stomach to begin with, so that changes my perspective.

However, I have to say that Micah is getting cuter - talking to his son and what not.. super cute.