Saturday, December 29, 2007

Shopping Spree!!!

Merry post-Christmas everyone! The New Year is fast approaching...I can hardly believe how fast the year has gone. Aaron has finished his second to the last semester and will soon be hard at work again later this month. It seemed that graduation was such a long ways off, and now it is just around the corner!!! I want to save up some money so that we can have a big graduation party for him :-) ...or at least get him a nice present.

Aaron's graduation, for me, is just as scary as it is anticipated... I remember the summer following my graduation. I felt like I was floating...sort of useless and directionless. I hope that Aaron doesn't feel that way, but I am prepared with lots of pep talks just in case! As of now, we are planning on trying to get him into the police force...well, not so much we, as he. There isn't I can do much about it, other than support him a lot and pray for his safety every day. The other decision that graduation leaves us with is where to live. Most of you know we were deciding between California and Vancouver. Well, California is pretty much out of the picture. It's just too expensive...that and Aaron has really voiced that he can't see himself living there again...the politics, the schools, the materialistic life style...the FIRES! Anyway, that leaves us with Vancouver...and possibley Olympia, if Justin and Gwen are able to talk us into it :-) They've suggested it and we're praying about it...but in truth, although Aaron and I don't really feel like we need to stay in Colorado, we don't really feel a calling to go either. We're waiting for direction, purpose...a leading, if you will. So far, we don't feel particularly lead. Soooo...we wait. We have to wait until after this baby is born anyway (due mid to late June), so please keep us in we seek the Lord for direction, ourselves.

Before I forget to mention it, our Christmas was of the best that I can remember with the exception of childhood memories. It's great fun when you are young...and then it sort of lulls until you have kids and then it is fun to watch them get excited...or to get excited for them until they learn how :-) We spent Christmas in Colorado this year, and with a lot of Aaron's family. We had stockings (my family doesn't really do that, so it was great fun to start our own traditions), we celebrated advent with Aloria every night after dinner for the December month, and we had freshly fallen snow Christmas morning! Aloria got sooo many gifts...I think she one, as far as amount. Once we got them from Grammy's house (where we opened them) to ours, I spent the day putting away most of her old ones and replacing them with the new. She hasn't outgrown all that she has, but I thought I'd bring them out later and maybe she would get some renewed pleasure out of them...that and I wanted to minimize the amount she could drag into the living room . I have a difficult enough time trying to keep the house clean! I posted most of the cutie pics on Aloria's blog.

Okay, now to my reason for blogging in the first place! My mom sent me a bunch of money for Christmas to buy some clothes with. Most of my maternity stuff was meant for summer, or work (when I was teaching), so it's a little nicer than I want to wear for just lounging around the house and comfort when it's cold outside, so I spent three and a half hours today shopping while Aaron watched Aloria. It was sooo much fun. I only went to two places...first to Ross, where I cleared out eveything I liked under ten dollars and then to Motherhood where I got more cutie yet functionally warm clothes. I haven't been able to shop like that in the longest of times. I even had enough money left over for a pair of morning slippers and chinese food between stores (my morning sickness is practically gone...practically). I have so many things, I wish I could be perpetually pregnant! Okay, maybe not, but it's so much easier shopping for maternity stuff...there are far less stores to choose from that cary things I like. I just had to go to the two I knew would have stuff I could wear. ...and the only reason I think it took me so long, is because Ross only lets me take in eight items at a time, so I had to make three trips! I don't like to go back to the rack, so I just pile it all on the cart. Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy!!!!!

If I don't post again for a while, Happy New Year. I don't know what my resolutions will be; I never remember to keep them anyway...maby it will just be to remember to pray so that I can survive all of the changes coming up :-)
Lots of love to you all!

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Emily said...

That's awesome that you got to go on a shopping spree! Yippee! Can't wait to see pictures of you in your new maternity clothes!