Sunday, July 08, 2007

Congradulations to Tre and Kelly!!!

Today, if I remember correctly, was the big day. I really wish that I could have made it out to see Tre and Kelly get married, but will have to remain satisfied that most of the rest of you were there and that they were surrounded by family and friends who love them. My love was there...hope they knew! If you read this, I thought about you several times today, hoping that everything was special and perfect for you big day! In other news, but on the same topic of weddings...we got back from my brother's on the 26th of last month. We were in Cali for 6 days, and it was really great! I mean was a great vaccation. It was low stress for Aaron and I because we weren't the one's getting married. We looked fabulous in ourwedding party ensembles (we all wore converse, including Aloria, with our outfits...the look was actually pretty cute!), we got to spend Aloria's birthday at the beach, and danced our socks off at the wedding! Aaron can't really dance, but whatever it is he does is pretty fun to watch...difficult to follow, but a blast to try and keep up with!!! Aloria was exhausted after the wedding ceremony stuff, having only had one nap all day (wedding was at 6pm), so during the reception, we brought in a pack and play and stuck it by the wall behind our table and she slept through all of the load music and random announcments...I couldn't believe it! Poor thing! Her life was probably a little stressful being there, just because of all of the changes to her schedule, and long days without enough naps or sleep...but she handled it like a trooper and I learned just how far she can stretch when push comes to shove, before she falls apart. No crying on the plane either!!!
On the way there she crawled all over us looking out the window and oohing and aahhhing at what she saw...not much sleeping going on the first plane, but then on the second (where we got a whole row to ourselves for lack of passengers) when finally (and a bit unhappily) she fell asleep on the seat next to us. I don't think she had any ear problems that I could tell.
On the way home, though...we got to the airport two hours early and waited in a line for exactly all of that time because of the one desk person that had helping the entire line, waited while someone cut in front of us to get a new flight for the one he already missed, and then missed our flight before the guy even got our bags checked!!! ...then because we checked in "last minute"...COMPLETELY NOT OUR FAULT!... we got the "special" pat down from security. The lady asked if Aloria could sit in the folding chair by herself while I got pat down (she would just crawl right off...she's not so good with getting down feet first yet), to which I replied a curt "no." So, I held her on each side of me and held her out to get pat down herself. I'm not so much mad at security for doing there job, but the airport for singling us out do to their error! the way, we were put on standby. I thought to myself, perfect! I had 7 diapers and a limited supply of formula in my bag...and we couldn't leave the airport with her because we had already checked her carseat. My parents could borrow my cousings and come back for us in Cali, but if we got stuck on standby in Denver for our layover, we'd be pretty much stuck! Thankfully, we had a lot of people praying for us and we got on both flights for home. We woke up at 5:30am to catch our flight and arrived home at 6pm...with a couple diapers to spare! Never so happy to be home!!! UNITED SUCKS! I complained to a very nice Indian man over the phone and got a two hundred dollar vouchers for another flight. If and when we use them, they really don't go far for $300 plus tickets and all of the inconvenience and incompetence that may be waiting. Our next trip there would be for Thanksgiving...and I don't even want to think about what the airport would be like for an actual holiday! ...or at this point in time, staying home sounds good. I'll wait until October to think any more seriously about it. Hopefully I'll be pregnant by then and will too much morning sickness to think about traveling and then I'll have a good excuse to stay home! ...but believe me, that other than the flight home...the trip was fabulous.
...some things I forgot to mention were that we saw Aaron's brother and my sissy Anne Marie who's due in October...ya for pregnant sisters and Aloria's first cousin on the way!!! ...and Aloria loved the ocean!!! Holding our hands, she walked straight into the waves, no fear! She only fussed because we wouldn't let go of her ...not for the world baby girl! :-) She also love the pool and being in water in general...a must when being Aaron's child. He loves water! I'm sure I have more to say, but when I think of it I'll write again!

OHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! My phone broke and we just changed service providers. I'm T-Mobile phone, new local number. Because my other phone completely broke, I lost my numbers, so please please email them to me. That means You! All of you!
Okay, that's all until next time. Love and blessings!

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