Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm totally exercising!!!

I have tried really hard to start an exercise routine this summer...truth be told, I've been trying to start exercising on a regular basis since I had Aloria. I kept telling myself that I couldn't commit to a regular routine because of time, lack of equipment, lack of motivation, etc... Well, I have the time (there are twelve hours in the day...if you try hard enough, you can find time for anything), I have DDR, a spinner, an exercise ball and videos..., and I want to look great in the bridesmaid dress that I'm wearing for Brent's there is my motivation--June 24th. ...and yet, I still would give up after just a couple of days. Well guess what?!!! I'M ON MY THIRD WEEK!!! This is totally a milestone for me!
It all started when I picked up Self Magazine in the break room at had a work out program (and online help) to get you going with four different goals
(Start an exercise habit, Drop 8 pounds in one month, Sculpt sexy muscles, Go from walking to running) you can set for yourself with four different work out programs to go with each. I should have started with the first goal, but I've started so many so many times and I really want to tone up for the wedding so I skipped to goal three, and if all goes well, I'm thinking about learning to run next. I was really enjoying it when Justin got me started. Even though it's still just exercise, for some reason it has been working for me... it presents it in a way that has freed me from giving up if I "accidentally" skip a day. Proof of this was this last weekend. We were really busy and I worked a lot and late and missed two days. I was depressed over it, and was already feeling lethargic again, when I realized that I didn't have to give up...Aloria and Caleb (little boy I'm watching) were asleep and I decided that even though I didn't have time to do my aerobic routine, I could still fit in my strength exercises. I thought to myself...aerobic is good for my heart, but strength training is good for getting me into a bathing suit I like, and so I just decided to do one without the other and do them both on my next scheduled day and just continue to move forward. You really have no idea how much of a hump this was for me to get over, but it's the first time I've talked myself through the drought period. I now know I can make it until June 24th, and hopefully I will continue on past that. I'm so excited! If any of you have been struggling and want to do this with me, visit and if you have any questions let me know. Good luck!!!

Also, we've been hiking and camping with Aloria, I'm posting a blog about that on Aloria's site...this will be the summer o' fun!!! LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST, WOOHOO!!!

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Emily said...

I got your e-mail about that and just forgot to sign up. I really need something like that I'm excited to hear that it's working great for you! I need to start doing something soon. I keep telling myself, tomorrow, I'll do it tomorrow. Well, like they say, tomorrow never comes :-) I've been running once with a friend and I've gone on a few walks, but that's just about it...I shouldn't have any excuses. I'm going to go sign up for that thing now...