Tuesday, May 01, 2007

money money money...mooooneh!

I went on a shopping spree...an actual shopping spree! Okay, not like a $500 or even $200 shopping spree, but I had my first paycheck from work, and Aaron (being the sweetie he is) let me spend it on a new wardrobe for work. You see, I got a job that I have no clothes for. It's summer, but dress code says that you can't wear anything sleevless...it has to cap over your shoulders. I don't have a lot of summer wear, but what I do have is sleevless. So, I got to go shopping, and of course I did that where I worked...where I got a 30% discount on top of the 50 and 60% discounts going on during their losest prices of the season. Woo hoo! Let me say that again...WOO HOO!!! It was really difficult not to feel guilty about spending money on myself...I kept thinking, I should buy groceries with this...or pay off my dentist bill, bla bla bla. ...but Aaron had given it to me as my birthday present, and so I am just really thankful! I haven't done anything like this in, I don't know how long. Life's little blessings. Rather, God's significant blessings that make small moments in life oh so special.


Anonymous said...

how fun is that?!!?!?! a girls dream(=
when was your birthday? april something right? i want to say it was the 29th ... am i wrong?
well happy late birthday anyways!

Emily said...

Where are you working? You never said where you are working!?!