Monday, February 26, 2007

Blast from the past!

This last week, I was able to talk with three people that I rarely have a chance to chat with anymore.
The first was Wes...I haven't called him in a long time. He's a busy guy, and I got tired of getting his voice mail. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised when he answered his phone. We talked for quite a while, and I was able to catch up on Sea Side's happenings. I miss the beach...or at least having the option of going there :-) For those of you who haven't been able to keep in contact with him, I will tell you that Wes is doing very well. He owns a construction company with his brother, and he's very involved in realistate, etc... He's hoping to go to Africa in a year and a half and work on a documentary with some friends of his and then eventually get to Mexico for some other missionary/humanitarian work. Now, don't hold him to any of this...the plans of man, and such. ...but Lord willing, these are some things he is hoping are in his future, so keep him in your prayers about that. He has also long since tired of Seaside...funny, how some people want to get places that others are desperate to leave. Life's funny that way. ...but when you grow up somewhere, it's just where you grew up (vacation spot or not).
On another note, I will say that I had a difficult time with that phone call...and if you're reading this Wes, this is in no way your fault! ...and just in case any body else is wondering, no it's not because we dated. I think it was because we dated at Multnomah...but still not because of the dating part...but we hadn't talked in so long, and having gone to school together and having had the intimacy of a relationship where you talk about things that you want to do with your life etc... or maybe it was the fact that he saw me in leadership positions and seemed proud of me for it, that I suddenly felt very self conscience about being just a house wife. ...a house wife and stay at home mom that was babysitting and starting Pampered Chef for some extra money. None of this is bad, but I wondered if he thought my life was boring compared to maybe what he thought I would do. This is very silly, because I don't know what he would have thought I would do...nor do I even remember if we talked about it. I really feel quite ashamed of myself for feeling...ashamed of anything about my life. None of this has anything to do with Aaron...I couldn't be prouder of him and our relationship together... It's just me...and it took me back to those thoughts I had before (I wrote them all out on the Mellander's blog...I wish I had written them here too). ...but I worked through all that already, and maybe that is why I was so frustrated. It's silly to think that Wes wouldn't be proud of me...and it's not that I need his opinion to feel that I'm doing well, but as a friend, I have always valued it. We were always more friends than boyfriend and girlfriend. Anyway, I am "over" it...not to sound trite, but I've worked through those emotions once again...I was just surprised I had them in the first place. I am extremely proud to be Aaron's wife and Aloria's mother. If I were off doing something "important," I wouldn't be as close to them as I am...and my life wouldn't be as full as it is :-)

I also talked with Tyler Eaton! My best sassy student ever! Seems like he and his wife have a full plate with working, school, and commuting...but he sounded very happy, and plans to move back to Portland after Kate is done with school! Hurray...I love Portland! It was sooo great talking with him and catching up on old friends that I haven't heard about since moving away. At the risk of sounding gossipy...which is not at all the intention...more like being informative in a good way :-) Julie Slavens is married, expecting a baby, and living in Germany...and I thought I was far away. Glennard is thinking of going to Uganda! He still talks to Kelsey Thimpson, and he ran into Nikki Delonge. ...all people that I didn't keep in touch with, but I wish I had! Fun times!

Also Beckster called me back and we had a great chat about how much the Lord is teaching her, and how she's going to be in three weddings this summer!!!'s like Multnomah in Alaska! Well, two of them she is flying back to the NW for, so really, it's just Multnomah :-) If you're lucky, you'll be bumping into her.

Good times and good friends...


Bex said...

yeah!! =) I made it onto your blog!! yipee!! i love you!!

christinastanton said...

Hi there! I love seeing the little notes you write me on my blog. So I thought Id hop on your blog and return the favor! Wow Nessie, You are a cute mom!