Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day

Although, Aaron and I had presents for the kids to open on Christmas Eve, we waited to give their "special" gifts until Christmas Day.
...and I'm glad we did. Christmas Eve was noisy and busy and with friends and family (and fun, of course), but we were able to start off Christmas Day quiet...quiet and relaxing.
Justus woke up first, and so Aaron retrieved his new tricycle from the trunk of the car and brought it in for him. Justus crawled into the big box and helped pull out all of the parts, and then helped his daddy put it all together.
He was so excited!...and helpful. He handed all the things Aaron asked for to him and got to help put them in place...and when he pulled out the bike seat, without either of us telling him what it was, he set it down and sat on it (which he was doing in this picture). It was sooo cute!
I was hoping that the bike would be his size, but it is still too big for him. Justus has, however, that it is still fun to ride it Flinstone style using leg power, since his feet still reach the ground.
Aaron took both kids out for a walk with the dog the other day, and he said that Justus is getting the hang of steering, which goes a long way when riding a bike :-)

Aloria, woke up about half way through Aaron putting Justus' trike together, and so she got to open her much awaited for skooter!
She had been asking for one fairly regularly, which surprised me, since she doesn't even like to ride her trike at my parents house. ...but she must have known what she'd enjoy more. she helped put her skooter together with Aaron and then got the hang of riding it right away!
We had at first planned to have the bikes put together for Christmas morning, but we were too exhausted to follow through...but Aaron said he really enjoyed doing it this way, so that he got to work together with the kids and so that they could see how something gets put together :-)

I don't remember who told me to take the kids picture while they were eating, but they did look awefully cute from the back sitting together that way.
They are getting so big, and I just can't express how much I love them! This picture makes me just want to squeeze them!

The day after Christmas, we went with my mom and dad to see Brent and Deanna's new duplex they just moved into.
It was really cute, and the area they lived in was equally so...we had a really enjoyable walk to a nearby restaurant where we all ate lunch together. It was chilly, but not so bad that we couldn't eat outside, which we did. The kids did really well staying in their seats...which was good because we were by a street and I wouldn't have let them get down anywho.

...and this pretty much concluded our holiday was enjoyable, but I'm glad it's over and a new year is beginning. I like new things! It makes me feel like reduing lots of I did. I rearranged the kids bedroom and sorted through all of their toys.
Aloria helped me take down the tree and then said... "why did we take the tree down?" "Because Christmas is over." "...well, what happends next, mommy?" "New Years...where we get to yell 'Happy New Year' and make lots of noise." She seemed satisfied with this answer.
So here's to then...just two days away!
Let's not forget to thank the Lord for all of his mercies this year and all that He has instore for us for the next.
May His blessings on your lives abound more and more!

For all who haven't been here before, you can click on Aloria or Justus' name to the left and see more pictures on their individual sites.
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