Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Before and After shots...

We started Christmas Eve day a little more casual until the guest arrived and then I put the kids in their Christmasy best... Although I think they're darn cute either way! Justus may have actually been a little dressier before :-)

She let me curl her hair and put it back with a head band ("let" was really me saying I was going to and putting up with a little whining, haha) totally changes her appearance to have her hair done. I've trying to get her used me doing it more often, but she still likes to go all natural when it comes to hair.
She loved her dress, though...and though it's hard to see in the picture, it was very glittery!

I had this really cute sweater vest I had bought for Justus, but it was an expensive purchase for just one day of wearing something that he will grow out of by next Christmas. we went for cute and casual.
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