Monday, September 28, 2009

End of September

It's been a long while since I have written, but I wanted to let you all know how we are doing thus far. We did move out (in May) of my parents house and into a little two bedroom. It's small, but it meets our needs and after decorating and painting the really feels like our home. I have loved every place we have lived in since being married...our first one bedroom apartment, our duplex, and now this. It's really not much, but it's ours (as long as we keep paying rent, haha) and it's where we live as a family...and I love being in this family and so I love this home!

Aaron's job is going well; he is still enjoying it, I think. It is an entry level job though, and we are now more financially tight than ever...but, he has the opportunity to move up the ranks in October (he had to wait six month before applying for another position in the company), so praise God. He's still taking care of us, so I will once again refuse to worry.

We found a really nice church. It is literally a ten minute walk...just a few blocks away. When it is not too hot we push the kids there in the stroller.'s been a while, obviously, but the desert is finally starting to cool down, and so we enjoy what we can and when it's bearable to walk...we do. We've made a lot of friends...there were much more young couples in the church then I had at first noticed. We are a part of a Bible study group once a week (going through a video series called the Truth Project...very interesting!) One of my closest friends that I made at church used to live right behind the church, so we used to see each other a lot. They moved up closer to my parents, so now not as often, but it is still convenient when we are up that way. I miss having her close though...especially since I don't have a car during the day while Aaron is working. At first I thought I might go nuts without a vehicle...and although it has been inconvenient at times, I have really not minded. There is a lot whithin walking distance of our apartment complex. We blocks from the freeway (easy for Aaron to get on for work), we are maybe 12 minutes from a library (across the street from our church)...about 15 minutes walking from about three different parks (one being a water park and a pool). And there is also a grocery store across from our church in the other direction. It's a Mexican grocery store (meaning it caters a little more to there style of food, I suppose...a little more pricey actually, but still good in a pinch).

Aloria is in ballet (my parents gift to her). She loves it! I'll post pictures soon.
Anne is pregnant again, so Aloria will soon have another cousin. Can't wait!
Beth is back from Africa (after being there a year) safe and sound...that is a praise!
My brother is done with boot camp, and is already being called out to Afganistan in March...please pray for his safety when the time comes! ...and for him and his wife...being apart is never easy!
My grandparents just celebrated their 60th wedding anneversary, and we were able to go up to California and be there for it...just another blessing of being down here. My grandfather is an amazing artist, by the by...and it just occured to me to ask him to teach me to that he's 89. Do you think it took me long enough? Anyway, he gave me too lessons and some homework (practise work) to do. I'm really enjoying it and hope that I can learn as much as I can from him.

What else? I've started reading books again! Very excited about that. I though I couldn't fit them in to my life now that I have kids who were constantly wanting my time, but every so often I find some moments. I read the "Proper Care and Feeding of a Husband" by Dr. Laura. It was awesome! I highly recomend it. Also, I read Captivating (sister book to Wild at Heart)...and think it's nonsense...sorry, but it's a smigin of inspiration with a whole lot of filler. My opinion anyway. My other shocking opinion is on My Utmost for His Highest. I've never really read it before but always heard it was amazing. Aaron started reading it to me in the mornings before he left for work. Most of it is really really poor theology. Chambers is speaking from his heart...but not from the Scriptures. Try and back up half of what he says and you can't. Anyhoo, I was extremely disappointed in it. Aaron and I had lots of arguments about the validity of what he was "trying" to say and what I felt he was actually saying... Anyway, a seasoned believer might be able to wade through it to gain some meaning out of it, but I think it would really confuse a new believer. That's all.
Also, all those who know Keegan. His parents just had him sent to a school for troubled teens. Please please pray for him. It breaks my heart, but I know that he is troubled, and I don't think he really knows the Lord! Please pray for him!
Until next time...


Kyle said...

Thanks for the update! Glad to see you again!

Anonymous said...

So glad to see a few pics (on the kids blogs) and to hear a quick run-down on how you are doing! It was a bummer you guys couldn't make it up this way over the summer but completely understandable. I miss you! I do have some differing opinions on a couple of the books you mentioned but I guess I should blog about it sometime :)

Love you and miss you much!

Joshswife said...

Nice to see an update!! We are back in CA, as of a few days ago. :)

I really like that book you read by Dr. Laura, excellent read!!

I agree with you on Captivating--somewhat. It's a good book for people who might need a perscpective on how God sees them, but I agree...a lot of filler.

I do like My Utmost for His Highest. :)

THANKS for the updates. I can't wait to see pictures of ballet class. AND also of your newly painted place.

Have a great day!!

Alec and Becky said...

Yippe!! I'm glad you're doing well!!!