Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Long lost friends

His wife was beautiful!

Seeing John again was one of the oddest experiences of my life... We were really good friends when we were kids, here in AZ, but then he and his family moved away when he was 12. 12! I haven't seen him in, roughly, 16 years. We've had no interaction as adults, and we never stayed in I said, we were 12.
I finally got to say hi to him for the money dance. We both smiled at each other and I could tell that we were both happy to see each other again, but all we could say was..."wow, it's been a long time." Haha I wish I could have had a chance to sit down with him and ask him a million questions and find out all sorts of things, but his wedding was hardly the place to do it. I will say this, when we were kids, all he talked about was becoming a jet pilot like his dad...and he did! He and his wife are both in the airforce stationed in Europe. I said hi to her first, and liked her right off. She's a Christian, and just had that sort of personality that makes you want to be friends with her :-) I'm really happy for them both!

This is his brother who is my brothers age (which is why it worked out so well for us to play when we were kids)... He approached me, asking if I remembered him. Of course! Later he told me I didn't look like he remembered at all, and that he wouldn't have recognized me. I don't know why, but both of them look like the same to me (adult versions of what I remember)...less so Jason, but John for sure.
My mom spoke with their mom after the wedding (they were good friends) and she said that John told her I looked so pretty and pure. "Pure." I was toting two kids and had a low cut shirt, and I still looked pure. It made me laugh, and I totally took it as a complement, because I know he intended it to be one. I told Aaron, and he said that is how he thinks of me also. Ahhhhh. What a sweetie.

The whole wedding was pretty fun...especially for Aaron and I. Going to other peoples weddings is always like going out on a date :-)
During the bride and groom dance, Aaron leaned over to me and said that he was glad we weren't in that place anymore. I had just been wondering if he wished we were, due to the fact that I was much nicer then, haha... With two kids so early in our marriage, and being pregnant and hormonal most of the time, I always wonder how he puts up with my cranky and predictably unpredictable moods. "Why is that?" I said. He looked straight at me, "because I like being here." He was holding my hand at that moment and I could have melted. I'll never forget that.
Sometimes you feel like you've been acting like such a jerk towards the person you love the most, only to find out...they still love you, and not only that, they love you better.
Thank you, Lord, for Aaron!
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Emily said...

Looks like you had a fun time! You cut your hair off! It's really cute!

Alec and Becky said...

fun! i, too, love your new "do." you look beautiful and happy!!