Friday, July 18, 2008

Yard sale: day 1

It is truly an amazing thing to have a yard sale...or any kind of a sale at all where you are trying to get rid of a ridiculous amount of things that you have aquired over time. First of all, I thought, how did we get so much junk? Secondly, how in the world did we fit all of this junk in our house a couple of days ago? Thirdly, I sure hope other people want this stuff, because I never want to see it again, and I hereby promise myself never to aquire this much pointless stuff again!

Actually, some of the things now sitting out in the front of our house make me nostaulgic (sp), and were, I will admit, somewhat difficult to part with...but I always feel so cleansed after I give up any sizeable, decent amount of anything, that I think it balances out. ...and really, I won't remember half of what is out there after it is gone.

My house is still a pig sty (I've been doing insane amounts of packing)...but now that everything we're going to sell is outside, it is considerably less of one, and for that, I am so greatful! Ed and Rhonda and family came over this afternoon...along with their own treasures they are hoping to sell, and stayed for lunch ...and for as long a time as we could squeeze out of Aloria and Caleb before it became absolutely apparent that they "needed" their naps. The kids had a good time, exploring the tables of "stuff" and playing around the yard. We've only had a couple of drive by's and one old lady who bought anything, but enjoyed spending time with friends, despite the days lack of productivity. It's still a work day afterall, and we're hoping that with a few signs further down the road and the coming weekend, we will get more traffic through here.

Anyway, Aaron went to get the signs, and both kids are sleeping so now is the perfect time to get the house clean if there ever was one... unfortunatley, it is also the perfect time for sleeping (as the kids are demonstrating so nicely)... what will I do?

Also, we heard thunder earlier and felt a few drops...the sun is out now, but please pray for no rain...or at least that our tarps are not as holy as we try to be. bahaha!


Anonymous said...

I'll pray that others will come and find their treasures in your piles of stuff :) AND that they will pay silly amounts for them!


Deanna Buoniconti said...

So did it rain?

How did the rest of your sale go?? I was waiting for day 2 and/or 3... but i guess your slacking on the posts! (j/k)

Sept it coming quickly, isn't it?