Monday, March 31, 2008

Day #2

We didn't get to bed to about midnight thirty Saturday night (and me not until 2am because I was blogging the pictures, checking email, etc...). I had to get up early for church because I was on the worship team, so Aloria and I left while Aaron stayed behind to finish sanding the living room (had to return the sander by 10:45). He did end up making it to second service though... I saw him from on stage, sitting down in his grubbies. It made me smile that he still came!

Anyway, the most exciting thing that happened that afternoon (besides sanding the edges of Aloria's room) was building Aloria her first fort and watching Uncle Jeremy read her some books :-)

It started one morning when Aloria crawled into bed with us; Aaron and I held the sheets up with our feet and hands to make a fort under the covers and Aloria thought it was the coolest thing. So, yesterday, when Aloria asked to get into our bed she tried to get under the covers and lift them up herself, I figured a real fort was in where my arms and legs wouldn't get tired :-) She played in it on and off all day. So cute :-)
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