Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I have been updating Aloria's blog with her new bed progress, but this applies more to us then her. She has been showing up in our room several times during the night...I haven't been as dilligent as I should be at putting her back in bed, that is for sure. I keep letting her in bed with us to sleep because by the 4am visit, I am just too tired to walk her back to her room. Has anyone already delt with this...Gwen, you'll have to update me on Dahlia's progress with a big girl bed. The first night Aloria didn't do too well, the second night she did great until about 6:30am, when she wandered in...this wouldn't have been a problem, except mommy and daddy were having some "alone" time. We had just started the after cuddling when we heard, "momma." ...and there she was by the bed staring at us. How long has she been there???!!!! It was sooooo awqward!!! I know she doesn't know, nor understand anything yet, even if she had been there for a while, but one still likes to know if there is an audience around. Geesh! Time to shut the door, I guess. It doesn't sound like such a big deal, but it's just one more of those freedoms that you enjoy with your spouse that you have to make accomidations for because of your children. Think about it. I will never be able to not worry about an accidental intrusion again until all our kids move out...that's 16 more years for Aloria...not counting the extra years for the kids that aren't even born yet. No wonder parents go on and on about how much freedom they feel again with each other when the kids move out. Come to think of it, my parents seemed much more cuddly after we left...and any void or emptiness our (mine and my brother's) absence may have left was filled by a yellow lab named Hunter, who could care less whether doors are opened or shut. Here's to being in my 50's!!!

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Emily said...

Oh dear, guess that's what we get to look forward to next year. I'm not excited about moving Maddox into a big boy bed, I'm sure it takes some adjusting. Best of luck!