Friday, February 15, 2008

The perfect day

What kind of Valentine's Day can you have on a budget? A perfect one!
The morning started out with a strawberry omelet that we made together...a tradition started by Aaron our first Valentine's Day in this house. He found the recipe in a cookbook...sounds wierd, but is so awsome!!!
After breakfast Aaron went out with his dad on a job (he has his own duct cleaning business) and earned some money helping him out (yeah for blessings!), while Aloria and I stayed home and made him a Valentine's day card.
Later, Poppy (what Aloria calls grandpa) stayed at the house while Aloria slept and we went out for a late lunch to a little Mexican restaurant just up the street that we had never been to before. It was sooooo good!
Followed by much lounging, until Aaron went out and prepared the secret evening festivities that he had planned for me...and he returned with a talking card for Aloria, which she loved.
We then left the house around 7pm and dropped Aloria off at Grammy and Poppy's house to eat...then we got in our warmest and started down the railroad tracks (on their property) to the Wickeeup Aaron had built when he was a kid. He led the way with the candle lantern he had made when we were in our first apartment, which was so fun. The wickeeup is sort of hidden up against the cliff ...the tracks running behind it. So cool, especially when the train came by...lights cutting through the darkness! Wish I got a picture of that.
It is sentimental for us because we had gone there a couple of times when we were dating, but really not since. It was pretty cold out, but he brought something for me to sit on. He told me to reach underneath the straw I was sitting on, and there was a plastic bag with hot cocoa mix and a heart full of chocolates. There were so many fun surprises :-) So I made the hot chocolate in his Jet Boil (boils water in 30 sec.) while he started the fire.
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