Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Livin on a prayer...

Yes, "Livin on prayer!" ...makes me think of Bon Jovi, and more then that...of Justin singing this particular Bon Jovi song :-) ...which of course makes me smile. Anywho, this is now our theme song for the next couple of months. We are officially on unemployment...sort of. Officially starts when I see a check in the mail.

We went to Arizona a week or so ago. Aaron's boss didn't have another house lined up for Aaron to work on, so we packed it up and headed to warmer places where he helped his brother Andrew work on the house he is building (his brother is contracting for himself now...very exciting!) It was a fun filled trip inbetween bouts of sickness. When Anne Marie was up here for Christmas she got sick and by the time she left...she forgot to take it all with her, and I got it. By mid January I developed a sinus infection, but didn't treat it for a while due to muffin bakin in the oven (I try to take as little medicine as possible when pregnant...any time come to think of it)...moving on. By the time we got to Yuma, my mom had just gotten over the flu, but was hanging on to a pretty nasty cough...I was able to see Beth, but only on two short occasions due to the fact that she was getting over the flu, herself (or rather was in the very midst of it). I really did want to avoid getting Aloria sick, but there was still one more friend to see. My good early college days friend, Amy (and her hubby), was in town from New Jersey (she was visiting her own family). I had only seen one of her three kids, and though they had been throwing up and sick themselves, it had been years and years since we'd both been in Yuma at the same time, so I had to see her! I waited two days until her kids were feeling better, but unfortunatley, she was ammuned to what I was not. I went over with Aloria around lunch time and she she made me a sandwich (Aloria had what I brought for her to eat in her diaper bag, thankfully). The next day, or morning, rather, I threw up about four times before 7am....and then spent the rest of the day emptying out every liquid I tried to put down. My poor mom had to stay home from work and completely care for Aloria (thought, I'm sure she didn't actually mind that part since she rarely gets to see her). I didn't eat any actual food (toast) until 6pm, and luckily from then on, I was fine. The next day, though, my dad had his turn with the same thing. I kept praying I wouldn't get anyone else sick. I wouldn't let Aaron use the same bathroom as me or sink as me...I disinfected light switches, faucets...everything, and wouldn't make any of the food Aloria would eat. I think I must have touched her pacifier once or twice though without thinking. The night before we were going to head back to Las Vegas, she developed a fever and threw up. Poor Aaron handed me everything I needed but refused to touch her or anything else she may or may not have thrown up on. Keep in mind, he'd been trying to stay well to drive us back, and so we already hadn't even kissed or held hands for about a week! Well, didn't leave at the butt crack of dawn like we had planned, but Aloria held down all of her breakfast so we left at noon. We made it to Las Vegas, but she threw up once again in the pack and play (and on her favorite bear...bleh) that night too, but slept the rest of the night through with me, while Aaron moved to the couch down we still left at 5:00am as planned. This was a Monday, and I had my ultrasound appointment in Grand Junction at 3:30pm that we had to get to. We drove straight to the doctor's office and were in the waiting room by 3:15pm...tired and in need of showers (Aloria and her bear, especially, who just got a wipe down...). We were shown to our room, and while I went to go pee in a cup the Dr. came and went deliver someone elses baby at the hospital, and just like that, our appointment was canceled. So much much rushing, despite sickness, to get home for this very appointment. I ended up seeing a nurse by myself the next morning at 7:30am...all of that written in "Muffin's" blog, so I won't repeat.
Well, we were and sound anyway. We found out we were having a boy (very exciting), and also that Aaron's boss didn't have any work for him still. He told him to file for unemployment until spring...what the heck does that mean!? March? April?
To tell you the truth, I feel that I should be worried, since Aaron's part time work is what pays for our mortgage and gas...and misc, but I'm not. Sooo, unemployment is about half of what he gets paid normally...meh! So we cut out the misc, and I stop going places (less gas)...I think we will be okay for a month or two. We'll be tighter then ever before, which should totally worry me since every other month stresses me out, but I think the Lord must have been preparing my heart. ...He has already shown His faithfullness. The day after we returned, I got a check from Kohl's for $100. I guess they found some money they owed me when they prepared my W2. How amazing is that! I guess I really am living on a prayer...and it's so much more peaceful then cash :-) How crazy is that!

So other then this, Aaron has an amazing school schedule this year. Only two classes and an internship...which all takes place MWF and ends by 12pm. So once work starts up again, he can work all T Th and after lunch. I am also really excited for him because he got the internship he wanted with the Sheriff's Dep. working with the Meth Task Force...he works in the health dep. building and has his own little office where he will be researching and goffering for this and that...he also wants to do some ride alongs. He also had the opportunity to go to some free seminars (being an intern) on drugs and their effects on children, etc. He bumped into our tenant who works for the county as a substance abuse counciler. Cool. In the mean time, I am getting completely spoiled with having him home, which is especially nice since we are able to kiss again...mostly because he finally got a minor cold himself, and I am immuned by this point. Also he is around in the afternoon so that I can take naps when Aloria is still awake. So while we live on prayers and wait for work, we've been reading the Crown Financial book...super fascinating...and fun to do together.

So, all in all, we are doing well, and have a lot to be thankful for...finding joy in all circumstances! Praise God for His kind of joy! I wish the same for all of you :-)

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Emily said...

I'll be praying for you!!! God will provide :-)